Mars needs YOU! Stick It!

Mars Mayhem logo

Mars Log 2304.5 : Mars Mayhem is here! The Mars Federation is excited about you coming to Mars.


Mars Mayhem is an ‘out of this world’ game brought to you by Five Fans Productions, the developer of Fliggles® Rescue Adventure. Your job is to pilot the Mars Advanced Resupply System (MARS) lander which must land at different resupply points of the Mars civilization. The Mars civilization is divided into five sectors, each responsible for critical needs on Mars. The sectors include Incipere Aeris, Aqua Abundantia, Crescere Cibum, Generare Potestatem, and Evolvere Machinas. You would be a true MARS lander pilot if you would follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We can NOT wait for you to try Mars Mayhem. Prepare to launch!